Frequently Asked Questions

Gaindent Ltd – a complete store for dental products for your teeth. our site a simple and every customer purchase products from easily from our site. Gaindent Ltd site a fully secure and lock. we use https address while a customer make payment for a products. But there are many question are keep in mind in the customer to resolve this. We add many faq below where use can easily found in this page

To order on Gaindent Website there is 2 option for the customer for buy a product. first option,  you need to have an online account. On the Registration form, if you already have an account with the Gaindent, you can enter your current Account Details. Otherwise register as a new customer, creating a username and password. Complete the fields in the rest of the form and select Login Now.Your account has been created successfully. 2nd Method is you can buy a product from our site without login, but when you select any product for purchasing you must enter your billing address while purchasing the product.

To change your password select My Account and click on edit your password and account details. Enter password in confirm password box. Click on Save Change button.Your Password has been changes successfully.

Forget Password is very simple .In case if you forget your password, you can click on Forget Password link, enter your email id that you register with gaindent and click on button. An email id received in your email address and click on confirmation link and set your new password.

You can easily change your contact details, billing address and other information by successfully login your account.

Gaindent Ltd offers multiple Shopping Carts so any number of orders can be worked on at the same time. One default cart is always present under the menu bar. To manage your Shopping Cart select My Account from the top navigation and go to Shopping Cart. Click Add Shopping Cart as required and all your shopping cart will be displayed in your account list.

Checkout stage 1 allows you to make any final amendments to your shopping. You can change your address in this page, if you want to more shipping you must go to 1 step back and add multiple items in your cart.